IMP Meerschaum Pipe - Gala - Hand Carved with fitted case & Tamper i2533

IMP Meerschaum Pipe - Gala - Hand Carved with fitted case & Tamper i2533
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Product Description


Full Size 


Length : 6.05" = 15.40 cm. 

Bowl Height : 2.2" = 5.60 cm.

Width : 1.85" =4.70 cm. 

Chamber Diameter : 0.82" = 21 mm.  

Chamber Depth :1.8" = 46 mm.

Weight: 2.3 OZ = 64 gr.

Ring: 925k. Silver



Meerschaum Pipes

are hand carved out of highest quality genuine block meerschaum 

that our experts had selected out of many meerschaum stones.

All raw Meerschaum used to make IMP Meerschaum Pipes are highest grade

always extra light, extra white & extra shiny.  

This great Pipe Comes in a Custom Made Fitted Case

Special Briar Pipe Style Fitting System


Material : Solid Block Meerschaum

Stem : Lucite - Acrylic

Ring: 925k. - Sterling Silver 


IMP Meerschaum Pipes use a high grade delrin push-pull, tenon and mortise, with a Lucite or Acrylic stem, and a 4mm draft hole.


IMP Meerschaum Pipes require no break in period or cake buildup, and only require a very short resting period.


IMP Meerschaum Pipes compared to a briar pipe, are more porous, are lighter in weight, smoke dryer and cooler, and impart no taste to your tobacco.


IMP Meerschaum Pipes use only the purest natural beeswax available to finish each pipe.

IMP Meerschaum Pipes come in a hand fitted hard shelled case.


IMP Meerschaum Pipe photos listed in the pipe section available for purchase are of the actual pipe you will receive.