F. Baki

Fikri Baki Cetekinkaya is a well known meerschaum pipe carver who lives in Eskisehir, Turkey. He was born in to meerschaum, he is from Sepetci, new name Beyazaltin village. Village's new name means "White Gold" in English.

He started carving meerschaum pipes in 1969 as an apprentice. He had been trained by the top master carvers in 1970s. He worked on figurel pipes for many years as all meerschaum pipe carvers. European pipe carvers inspired him and he moved away from scupture carving to classic shapes, his own styles and freehads. His passion to meerschaum pipe carving took him to the most prefered carvers. He is the first master carver worked with bamboo in Eskisehir. 

F. Baki is already retired now and these pipes from him are his last carved meerschaum pipes.