Dear Burak,
My Eagles Claw Pipe arrived and I am thrilled with the purchase. It smokes beautifully and the quality is superb.

I will highly recommend Meerschaummarket to others.

Thank you 

J..... F...  Germany, February 17 2021  






Hi Burak
The pipe arrived this morning.10am Jan 16th. I knew it would be good from the research I d done but I didn t expect such extraordinary craftsmanship.It is exquisite. Your professional and friendly service just compliments the product.

Many Thanks
Mike Pitchers,  France - Jan 16 2021 



Hello Burak,
I just wanted to let you know the pipes arrived to day and I'm very pleased with them. Thank you and have a great new year!
Best Regards,
William - IN, USA - January 01 2021



Hi Burak:
I wanted to let you know that I received the Yanik Meerschaum pipe today. This is a beautiful pipe and very light. I am looking forward to smoking it this weekend. 
M.F.  - Alberta, Canada - December 10 2020



Hi Burak,

I hope you are well.
The pipe arrived today and it is very beautiful, thank you so much.
I have shown it to my friend and I have recommended you :)
I have a question, do you have, or have done in the past, a meerschaum pipe carved with a Scorpion? 
Dragon is my Chinese sign and Scorpion is my Western zodiac.
If you have some, or have done some before, please let me know.
Thank you
Kind regards
Anonymous  - Australia, December 05 2020




I absolutely love and recommend my MeerschaumMarket pipe. My order was delivered days ahead of schedule and I was beyond excited to open the perfectly packaged box. You can tell MeerschaumMarket is prime operation. The details on their website, down to the beautiful pipes they offer. 




Customer from York, PA, USA - September 20 2020


This is a beautiful pipe. I like the smooth finish and graceful classic billiard shape. It feels good in my hand and smokes well. I also appreciate the service. It arrived two days before the expected delivery date. I'm pleased.

David Klein - Washington, USA - July 24 2020


Hello, the meerchaum (pipe) has arrived and looks better in real life than in picture, fantastic, thank you very much.



Kind regards


Ben Lucker - Kings Lynn, United Kingdom - May 12 2020








Thanks so much for sending this out so quickly. This is a VERY nice pipe. Beautifully carved. I am in awe of Ismail Baglan’s talent. 

~Fleetwood -  NC, USA -  April 24 2020




The pipe (SVR Swirl) arrived in excellent condition, and I have been smoking it several times every day.  When I am enjoying a bowl I feel as if this pipe was designed and carved just for me.  It feels that perfect.

I hope you and your loved ones are well and continue to stay that way.

Best Regards,

Ray -  Michigan, USA  - April 22 2020



I had ordered a meerschaum pipe from Meerschaum Market which looked great. I received the pipe which looked exactly as advertised and I was very satisfied with it. Unfortunately, the stem on it cracked on my first use. From the research I’ve done, it seems like this is a very rare scenario but it does happen. In any case, I reached out to Meerschaum’s email address and was rapidly answered asking how I would like to proceed by Burak.


I very much liked the style of the pipe and so I asked if we could have another made and Burak had a new one made and shipped to me at no extra cost. Pretty much always responsed when I followed up with him regarding the order. This is exemplary customer support.


Closing thoughts: if you’re buying from Meerschaum Market, you can be sure that if something goes wrong about the product your purchased they will do their best to make it up to you.


Eric Lafrance, Quebec,  Canada - January 15 2020



Hi Burak,


Just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that the parcel arrived yesterday. 


Amazing pipe... perfect grip size. Looking forward to the aging process... and amazing colouring. 




L. Giovanini - Onterio, Canada  - January 11 2020



Wish to express my sincerest thanks for the fine pipe I received today and the care with which you packaged it.

I am very grateful. We will definitely be doing more business together.Thanks again.
Bob Chichiriccò,- CO, USA   December 14 2019






Dear BURAK , It is time that I report back to you about this most wonderful pipe that you & your meerschaum network were able to help me realize . As long as you are in this business I am one of your customers . every one who see's the pipe is envious of me ! it is very free smoking & I know that it will color beautifully as the years go by . thank you once again ! Dave Whiren - Huntsville, AL - USA - November 05 2019



Hi I received my Giant Greenman meerschaum pipe from meerschaum market a few days ago and wanted to say thank you, the pipe is more beautiful in person than the pictures. I have a question about meerschaum, can you tell me what the difference is between pressed and block meerschaum, and how do I know before buying a pipe if the pipe is pressed or block meerschaum? I will be buying more pipes from you ( your customer service was teriffic) and want to be informed as best as possible . Thanks .... A. Carillo - New York, USA - April 25 2019


Thank you for the wonderful pipe. It's beautiful. It's already taking on a unique color. steven ziegler, WI, USA - April 17 2019 




Couldn't be happier with my purchase, thank you! If possible, share my appreciation with the crafter of my purchase.  I will be back !!


Respectfully,  B. Shock, Indiana, USA - March 27 2019



I received my pipe today. I'm in love!!! You, Sir, are a master craftsman! I'm super pleased with the pipe. I'm smoking it as I type. It's a bit larger bowl than the Stanwell 162 briar but is much lighter. It's perfect in every way. I have my eye on a Rodesia, or the all white pipe like the one I just bought but will have to wait until my bank account recovers. I will definitely be buying more of your pipes. Thank you so very much in all of your help in my purchase. Take care and and please continue your level of quality. I will be buying more.

Rick S. R. Derby, Kansas, USA - March 10 2019 


Hello Mr. Baruk 

I just want to say you that the pipe I bought is arrived and it's wonderful as I tought.

The proportions and the carving are perfect , the face off the cavalier is a beautiful work , and if you can tele me I like to know the name of this pipemaker.

I Wild buy other pipe from you.

You are autorized to share this email in your website if you want.

Best regards.

Luigi from Italy.

Luigi Pilone,  AL, Italy  - 01.07.2019 


Hi Burak,

I can't believe this! you are the best! I have placed the order for this pipe already! 

please don't forget to tell me when the Tulip is ready.

Thank you so much!

Zhiyu Chen , Ontario , CANADA - August 08 2018





Received my pipe very quickly. Quite pleased and impressed. This is my second IMP pipe and I love them both. Just wanted to thank you for the great pipe and service. Please forward my appreciation to the carver and the staff.

Best regards,

Melvin Williams - Mesquite, Texas USA - August 26 2018



I just wanted to say the lions head pipe is beautiful. I ordered it for my brothers birthday present. He's a leo, and loves it. True art work. Thanks, oh, they smoke great. Thanks,

Chris Person - Oneida, New York, USA - August 10 2018



I am extremely impressed with you, and your company’s costumer service. Never before have I encountered such a willingness to work with a customer to their point of satisfaction. And, I cannot thank you enough for the commitment you have put in my order alone. Your company is truly a diamond in the ruff of. I can say this truly meaning it: it was an actual pleasure doing business with you.  

Luca Gariffo - Media, PA, United States - July 02 2018 



The pipe is magnificent. Perfect for an all- evening mild smoke. Construction appears flawless for such a large pipe. Thank you!  J Mondello - Arlington, VA, United States - April 10 2018



 I just received my Meerschaum pipe ordered from your website. I was so happy with this purchase, I just had to write a note. The pipe is gorgeous and a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Keep up the terrific work you are doing featuring these beautiful pieces.  Monroe Burch - BAYONNE, New Jersey - USA - March 24 2018  


The New Yorker pipe arrived.  A stunning pipe.  Thanks again.


Wish you a most successful year.  Richard Bryant - Rochester Hills, Michigan -USA - January 04 2018


I’m glad to hear business is good!

This is my first high quality meer—it was worth the difference!

Thanks again! Paul Hunsaker - Camden AR, USA - December 07 2017



Pipes arrived and they are great! Very nice working with you!


Mark Stadler - Williamsville, NY - USA - December 09 2017 



Both pipes are spectacular!   My men will be very happy this Christmas.  Thank you for your wonderful customer service.

Peig Donoghue - MA, USA - November 27 2017


The IMP Meershaum Pipe is a beautiful pipe & smokes great! Thank You for the great service & I will purchase more pipes in the furture.

Lance Hart, Brandon - Mississippi - November 15, 2017


Please tell Barak I said "Thanks, this pipe is beautiful!"

Gilbert Mendez, Alexandria - Virginia - November 09, 2017 



Just got the pipe it is fantastic better than anything amazon has I will be ordering another one next month thank you for the prompted service.

James Greene Logan, Utah - November 06, 2017






The pipe arrived yesterday. It is magnificent. The workmanship is the best I've ever seen and the stone you used is exceptional. I've already put two half bowls through it. The draw is smooth and easy. I particularly like the deep bend stem that you used. It makes the pipe very comfortable to smoke. I know you put a lot of work into this one and you should know that I greatly appreciate it. This pipe will have a pride of place. Thank you so much for the effort you put into it. I will be honoring that effort for the years to come.                                                              Dr Earl R Smith II Washington DC, USA  - August 22 2017 


The pipe arrived yesterday. It is magnificent. The workmanship is the best I've ever seen and the stone you used is exceptional. I've already put two half bowls through it. The draw is smooth and easy. I particularly like the deep bend stem that you used. It makes the pipe very comfortable to smoke. I know you put a lot of work into this one and you should know that I greatly appreciate it. This pipe will have a pride of place. Thank you so much for the effort you put into it. I will be honoring that effort for the years to come. 

It's a great work of art and smokes great I love it can't wait to it starts to change color. I can see my self getting another in the future.

Lance Hart, Brandon, Mississippi USA - August 04 2017



Dear Burak,


My pipe arrived today.  It is a true work of art!  It is beautiful! My compliments to you and your family for providing such amazing products.  I look forward to enjoying my pipe, and purchasing more from you in the future.

Thank you again for your fine work, and great customer service.  You have a great company.

Philip Mowry  North Carolina, USA - July 20 2017





The pipe is absolutely beautiful! I presented it to the commander this past week-end at a very famous historical monument and he was elated. He opened the box and knew immediately what it was. The surprise in his voice was priceless. He said he had been looking for one for on of these for years. He looked like he was making love to it as he held and smoked it. I have never seen him so happy. Thank you. Would you be interested in making another? I too have been looking for a pipe like this for years. 


Thank you


Scott E. Yorktown

VIRGINIA USA - June 19 2017




I seldom go to great lengths in writing a referral unless the experience that I have had vastly exceeds my expectations. My experience with Burak and Meerschaum Market demands my time to tell my friends.


I am relatively new to the pipe smoking community. I dabbled a bit with pretty but cheap briar pipes and had a less than stellar experience. My wife gave me my first high quality briar pipe for Christmas and I began to understand the difference. My tobacconist kept encouraging me to explore a meerschaum for the ultimate experience. I admit that I was a bit hesitant because of the price difference. 


When I began my exploration, I quickly discovered that there were three basic tiers, in my perception, of these pipes. The low end pipes could be found for a very cheap price, and they marketed that way. I discounted these because I know you get what you pay for. The ultra high end collector pipes were way out of my range or desire. So where do I go to find my perfect pipe. If I had a good friend with some experience, I would ask him. If you find yourself in this place, let me be that friend.


Meerschaum Market ( has beyond a doubt the best selection of pipes I found. I do not do these creations justice by calling them pipes. They are art pieces that even nonsmokers marvel at. The detail on the pipe is amazing, both from a general view perspective and also close scrutiny. My Navy meerschaum has anchors on it, and close study shows they each have a detail of cracked leather behind them. The selection is amazing. I had to really think about what memory and thoughts I wanted to elicit while smoking this pipe. When I found the US Navy commemoratives, I knew one of these would be the one.


The pipes themselves are expertly made. Their feel and draw are impeccable. The specialized case is very nice, and makes seeing your pipe for the first time a memorable experience. The shipping process is seamless and efficient, even though my pipe came from Turkey. It shipped and arrived far sooner than I had initially expected.


My Meerschaum Market pipe immediately became my favorite, and while I initially thought it would be my only meerschaum, I now am considering a second piece. I guess some people have tattoos, I have pipes. Perhaps the highest praise for Burak and Meerschaum Market is the fact that I have introduced my lifelong friend to the store, and am planning to gift him a pipe as a token of my heartfelt brotherhood with him. You only go 1st class when you want to express feelings like that.

 Thanks Burak.


Bruce P Burgess

CEO, Intelligent Therapy Staffing

Nashville, TN USA - May 05 2017 


Thank you for this Meerschaum Pipe. It is even more beautiful than your excellent photographs!!! Anyone thinking of buying your Pipes, should keep in mind that the superior quality of your meerschaums, is much much better in person than the photographs can depict. You are excellent at describing the details and information for making an informed decision. Working with you is a delight and a pleasure. I am so grateful to have purchased this, and several others , from you. You have an excellent understanding and knowledge of the Meerschaum Pipe Collecting world. Your pipes are far far better than most all I generally look at. Again, thank you for working with me on this purchase and all of the others I have bought from you since. I continue to be blown away by the astonishing quality & reasonable prices. I would recommend You HIGHLY to anyone considering a carved Meerschaum Pipe. Thank you again for an exceptional purchasing experience & beautifully carved pipes! Worth Customs waiting!

Judge Stoffel, Lexington NC -USA - February 24 2017


Dear Burak,

Thank you so much!  The entire ordering process was fantastic and delivery extremely rapid.  The pipe itself is exquisite.  A true work of art made with skilled hands.  The first smoke was extraordinary, it was smoothly sublime and a delight to the eyes.  I look forward to purchasing more of your pipes in the future.  Thank you so much my friend for a wonderful pipe smoking experience.
All the Best,

Alexander Barktkow,  Plaınview, New York - USA - 18 February 2017 



I would like to let you know that I purchased this for my wife and she absolutely loves it.

In her words, It is so much better that I thought it was going to be! It s perfect! 

Thank you again. I have left positive feedback.

--Tom Hall - Sacramento, CA - USA- February 14 2017


Dear Burak:


I received the I Baglan Christmas pipe in record time over the holiday. It was perfect, as have all of this master carver's pipes that I have collected. Thank you once again for a wonderfully detailed pipe.


Dick Yardley, Columbus, OH - USA - January 01 2017


Have not tried smoking it yet, but it is absolutely beautiful , a true work of art and I will
Treasure it always...  Thank you for crafting such a beautiful piece . 
I am very proud already that it is mine, when I saw it on your site, it just kept drawing me back to it , almost like it was asking me to bring it HOME .  
I am very active in Masonic Groups , Past  Commander of Knights Templar , Past High Priest in Chapter and Thrice Illustrious Master in Council this year and a member of many many more... So this is truly a keepsake that I will pass down to one of my Grandsons in the future .
Thank you again for being a true artisan.

Mark D. Powell, WashingtonPA - USA - December 27 2016
The two pipes that I ordered arrived safely today. They are beautiful and great smokes. Thanks again.
Henry DuPont, San Diego CA - USA - December 13 2016 
Thank you for the Pipe which arrived promptly and I was kept well informed of its progress. Great company to deal with and my 99 year old dad loves his first Meerschaum pipe !
Maureen Fairbairn, North Yorkshire - UK - December 04 2016
Dear Burak;

Thank you once again for your prompt shipping...The six pipes I've ordered from you since October 1 2016 have all been first rate and your communication and shipping have been excellent! I have no hesitation in recommending Meerschaum Market to others and have done so a number of times...
Thanking you again for your professional service and for the six high quality pipes I've purchased...
Peter Dall, Hixson, Tennessee USA - December 03 2016
Thanking you once again for your many kindnesses and wishing you a rewarding new year!

Please let me know if you ever have a Zeus with bent stem and hair flowing onto it. I can provide specific details.
Thank you.

With my best wishes,
Art Yow - Vinchester, VA - December 02 2016

Meerschaum market and the carver I. Baglan.

I ordered a pipe with a skull and octopus tentacles from you and I was skeptical to order, however my pipe was shipped to me all the way from Turkey in less than a week. Fantastic delivery time, and I couldn't be happier with the pipe itself. It's beautifully carved and the case it comes in is of a higher quality than I expected as well. This alone was enough to satisfy me and upon my VERY FIRST SMOKE I have never smoked a finer bowl of tobacco. You should be very proud of your craftsmanship and I applaud you, because I am very proud to own one of your pipes and I will definitely be ordering from you the next time I want a meerschaum pipe and will be recommending you to anyone who asks.

Thank you very much!


Eric Vincent - New York, New York, USA - November 24 2016 

The pipe arrived this evening and I'm most pleased...Thank you again for your prompt shipping!
Peter Dall  - Hixton, Tennessee, USA - November 05 2016
Burak my friend:
I recieved the pipes,Burak my friend,thank you for a great shopping experience and you will be the only choice when I further my meershaum pipe collection!
Good luck with your business!
Best Regards

PuTian -  Beijing, China - October 07 2016
Hello All,
This email is for all you Cigar Smokers and Pipe Smokers as well.
The attached photos and the ones in the links are photos from start to finish of custom made cigar holders, per my design… These were made for me by Burak owner of Meerschaum Market.
I sent Burak photos of the design that I wanted for my cigar holders and explained what I wanted in a cigar holder.
Burak listened very carefully to what I wanted and paid attention to what I was looking for in the final product.
Burak did an outstanding job in executing the hand carving of the cigar holders from the Finest Block Meerschaum to finishing them with a beeswax polish coating to give them the perfect look, then putting them in a handmade box - case for display and travel.
The level of attention to detail that Burak executed in making these cigar holders for me went well above what I expected and as you all know I have very high standards, the photos do not do the cigar holders any justice, as they are stunning in person. Burak's standards are just as high as mine and you can see it in the product.
I initially wanted smooth holders, then Burak asked me if it was ok to make smooth, rusticated as well as one with an intricate design, I am very happy that I said yes…as you know it is harder to rusticate a cigar holder or pipe and put an intricate design than it is to make it smooth one.
As you can see by the work, very careful attention to detail was paid and they all look great.
The cigar holders, stems (mouthpiece) and cases were all made by hand, as I even wanted special stems for my cigar holders.
I cannot thank Burak enough for the time and effort that he put into making me the Cigar Holders, Stems and Cases.
What is great about dealing with Burak is he not only pays attention as well as listens to what you want he keeps you posted with emails and phone calls. Burak really went out of his way to let me know how the project was going.
Not only was Burak professional and courteous, he is extremely knowledgeable about meerschaum as well as knowing what will work, in addition he is willing to push himself to the limit in making something that literally can be used forever.
Since only the finest block meerschaum used,  as well as the finest materials to make the stems and boxes in addition to being carefully hand made for me…I though it only fitting to use some of the finest items to go with the Cigars Holders that Burak so kindly made for me.
The lighters and cutters rage from antique to vintage…
The Elephant Tusk Cutter is solid and an antique, you cannot get one anymore. The other cigar cutters are from Tiffany Sterling Silver (Handheld), Dunhill Sterling Silver (Cutter - Box Opener, Circa 1949), Cartier (Antique) and S.T. Dupont Ligne 2 Montparnasse Vertical Line (Vintage).
The Lighters are an S.T. Dupont Ligne 2 Montparnasse Vertical Line (Vintage), a Tiffany Wheel Lighter, Sterling Silver (Antique) and a Dunhill Lift Arm Sterling Silver Lighter (Antique).
The leather cutter holders were made by Eddie Hubbard of Hubbard Leather Works and thanks for making them for me Eddie.
The Cigars are all "Vintage" as well, the Cohiba are first issue, the Partagas is a Serie 4, the Romeo and Julieta are 1994 Special Edition and as you can see, the Cigar Holders hold each one perfectly.
Here are all the links to the photos so you can view them at full size.
If you want a copy of my Cigar Holders feel free to order them or if you want your own design Burak can make them for you and if you like the stock designs, feel free to look at them on the website, I know you will be happy with them, as I am happy with mine.
Here is the website, here is Burak's email address and here is Burak's phone number 631-546-7475.
Feel Free to contact Burak as he makes cigar holders, pipes (for all you Brothers look at the Masonic Pipe) even a cheroot - cigarette holder for you, I know you will be very happy with the finished product.
The Best Regards to All,
John Vargas - Brandon, Florida - USA  -  October 01 2016

I am ecstatic, the pictures did not do these pipes justice. The soldier looks much more detailed than I expected and the IMP pipes look and feel so well crafted. I will try the Bulldog with the red band later tonight!

Thank you so very much! I genuinely look forward to doing more business with you soon!!

Matthew Garrett - Gainesville, FL - USA - September 12 2016
 Hi mr servi just a quick mail to let you know I received my pipes today very fast delivery just had a bowl in each one and they smoke fantastic. They are a work of art the carving is amazing glad to own one of yours also.many thanks for the great service its much appreciated . Many thanks again kind regards    Jon - UK - July 19 2016
I got it! It is definitely the most beautiful like I've seen, and I'm sure it will smoke well too. thank you so much for the great customer service, I'll definitely be buying from you again!!!  Danville, IN - USA - July 15 2016
Hi Burak,
I found today on my return from Beijing the cigar holders.
What a great piece of craftmanship and quality, the finish is beautiful, the screwing mouthpiece a very nice touch , I loved the set but I feel I will order some more of the floral or dragon, definitely in a month or two the time to fully enjoy each of the holders.
Thanks for being there and doing such a beautiful product.  Souheil Rached - France - July 12 2016 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Hi Mr Servi many thanks , look forward to smoking these lovely pipes, the I baglan pipe I bought a couple of months ago has got to be one of the best pipes I have ever smoked, many thanks kind regards Jonathan Humphrey - Gloucestershire UK  July 10 2016
Thank you for a great Meerschaum pipe. It not only smokes great but looks good next to my tomahawk!!
H. D.  Seel  -  Waxhaw  - NC , USA   June 24 2016
Bacchus by Master L. Baglan
What You See.
When I was shopping for the las few pipes that I wanted to purchase in my life, (some beautiful meerschaums), I was not at all interested in a Bacchus model.  Hundreds of thousands have been made, and thousands are on the market at any one time if one shops.  Large, small, barely decorated, highly decorated, distastefully decorated, balanced, unbalanced, mostly with too large a smoking chamber, very often with a difficult draw or difficult to clean, (of course with the usual discriminatory remarks concerning the fact that Muslim people don't smoke, and so don't realise what the problems can be ), or made of a block of meerschaum that is of poor quality or poorly treated which doesn't color beautifully.  However, when I came across the detail photos of this pipe by Master Bachlan, (and I say "Master" with great reverence !) on Meerschaum Market's Website my eyes just simply stopped !  There was not a millimeter on the surface of this pipe that had not been thought about carefully !  The openings between the grape leaf crown on his head, and (there is a complete Mermaid carved onto the bottom of the pipe), between the Mermaid's tail to keep this large pipe light are not only beautiful, but smart and very decorative.  The carving is absolutely amongst the most exquisite I have ever seen on a pipe.  From the details of Bacchus's face, (beard, teeth, eyes, even the wrinkles in the corners of his laughing eyes), are an absolute joy !  And I hasten to mention the detail in the grape leaves, the grapes, (which offer a well planned place to hold the pipe, as are the Mermaid's tail or the Mermaid's body), the scales on the Mermaid, her beautiful hair, and beautiful breasts which are discreetly covered with detailed scallop shells .Even the rim of Bacchus's cap has lovely carving all the way up to the bowl opening.  The only area left clear of decoration being a ring just before the mouthpiece starts where the Master has placed his name, which is itself lovely, being a true signature and not a stamp or just initials .
What You Get.
What you get is a large block of beautifully carved meerschaum,( as described above), which one has to be careful not to throw into the air when one picks it up for the first time, because one expects it to be much heavier than it is ! Even if one has experience wi meerschaum pipes !  The balance is wonderful, and I have discovered at least five ways in which to hold the pipe which I am now SURE were thought about by Master Baglan when he made this piece of smokable art. In the four months that I have now had the pipe, I have smoked several types of tobacco in it as meerschaums do not "ghost" or hold on to the flavours of previously smoked tobaccos.  And that is certainly true for this pipe !  I have smoked it as many as four times in an afternoon and evening, and it never gets wet or hot.  And as clumsy as one might try to be with filling a pipe, this lovely man just seems to smoke from top to bottom 99% of the time ! The smoke is cool.  The bowl never gets hot, so if one chooses to use a glove or not, there is little danger that the beeswax coating will be damaged by handeling.
As far as colouring goes, I must say that I have been very pleasantly surprised by this gentleman. With such a large piece of meerschaum, one does not expect to see much in the way of colouring for a long time.  And yet, in these passt fout months, the entire pipe, including the front of the grape leaf crown, which has only partial physical connection with the actual bowl, as there is an opening between Bacchus's head and the front of the crown, has turned a stunning pinkish orange, with the darker tints being around the back where the mouthpiece enters, (usual), and, amazingly, the front of the grape leaf crown !!!  The funny part being that Bacchus is still "white around the eyes" whichif it stays lighter than the rest in the colouring process, may turn out to be an indication that our friend really has had too much to drink !!!!!
In conclusion, all that I can really say to my fellow pipe enthousiasts is that I feel "blessed" to have this pipe, and that I'm sorry that "this was one of the ones that got away" for the rest of you good folks !  I shall cherish it for the rest of my days, and have already told my son to make sure that it goes to someone who will appreciate it when I have turned it a beautiful colour and finally closed my satisfied eyes !  Do have a look at the work of Master Baglan !  He is a GENUINE ARTIST !!!!! Michael E Barker - Holland -  June 01 2016 
Burak, got the pipes today, just stunning!! Hate to smoke them, but I sure will. Please thank your artists for their most beautiful work.  Your friend,
Burak, just smoked ‘Topkapi’, and that convinced me, if ‘Horse pipe’ still available, $79.50 plus shipping O.K. Beautiful, and an outstanding smoke!!
Don Pasko - Monee, IL USA  March 16 2016 


 Hi mr servi just to let you know my pipe arrived earlier today and it is an amazing piece of art ( you guys are so talented ) I could not believe it when my wife said the pipe was here only posted yesterday that is unbelievable thank you for the fantastic service and ultra rapid delivery I am a very happy man,I will definitely be buying from you again, many thanks Jon

Jonathan Humphrey - Gloucestershire,  UK  March 09 2016


I received the pipe and wanted to let you know that I am truly pleased with it. The pipe is a work of art - the craftsmanship is first rate - it is a thing of beauty that I will enjoy for years to come. I will buy all my future Meerschaum pipes from you and sing your praises to all of my pipe smoking friends.

Dr Earl R Smith II - Washington DC, USA January 18 2016



Greetings & Salutations Mr. Burak! The Ashley arrived in perfect condition this afternoon! I knew the pipe would be magnificent in person as opposed to the photographs, and I must say that it is truly stunning in my hands. The pipe is almost too beautiful to smoke! If you have occasion to speak with Mr. Sevket in the future, then please express my profound respect and thanks for his craft and skill(s)! The Ashley will be cherished in my family for generations to come! 

Thank you again Mr. Burak for all of your hard work and patience while I decided which pipe to purchase! You are also a credit to your profession, and doing business with you has been a rare pleasure. I will give you another update in a few days after having smoked the pipe several times. We are socked in with winter weather right now, or I would have the Ashley fired up while I write this note (we do not smoke inside our home). Keep up all of your good works!

Elliot Berry - Fritch TX, USA  16 January 2016



Thank You, Your salesmanship is unmeasurable, thank you 4 the super fast delivery! and one day ill be visiting your store again, Peace

Wayne James - Akron, OH USA     15 January 2016


Hi Burak,


I just wanted to follow up with you.  I received my Emin apple shape pipe with the extra stem and connectors.  The pipe is excellent, exactly what I expected!  It’s actually already starting to color nicely.  The smoothness and perfect shape of the pipe are excellent and just what I was looking for in contrast to the figural pipe and Marine Corps pipes you’ve made for me in the past.  Thank you again for the great product.  I’ll be in touch soon enough when I find my next pipe on!  I’ve got my eye on a cobra by Baglan and some IMPs.  If you carve any more USMC pipes without coloring them I’ll look for those too.


Thanks and have a great day!

Matt Walters - Skysville Maryland, USA   14 January 2016


I have ordered and received the following block meerschaum pipe:  srv Premium St. Morris Hand Carved Block Meerschaum Pipe in a Fitted Case 6529
The delivery was unbelievable fast and the pipe was even more beautiful than the wonderful website pictures could depict.  Make no mistake;  this company sells only the best of the best.  The company President actually personally inspects each item he ships carefully to assure perfection.  I have been an experienced Internet user and buyer for well over 20 years and I can honestly say that I have never before received the help, recommendations, quality, attention to detail, and cheerful willingness to consistently stand behind the products sold at Meerschaum Market.  So, when you buy from Meerschaum Market, you are getting the finest quality products and unmatched Customer service.  I would recommend none other than Meerschaum Market.  I am actually honored to be one of its Customers.

Mike Flaherty
2344 Pilger Ave.
North Port, FL 34286

 I recently received my order of the "Horror Horn" from Ismael Baglan and I just wanted to thank you fine people for the beautiful pipe and super wonderful service! I cannot believe how beautiful and well made this pipe is and the shipping all the way from Turkey is incredible. I recently ordered from and have had nothing but problems and it took them 2 months to ship me 3 pipes. I'll never order from them again. Your fine establishment has earned my future business and I'll tell all of my friends about you. Please, Please thank Mr. Baglan for me for the wonderful smoking piece. I know that carving can be tough and unappreciated , but it means alot to me. I have always admired his work from afar and he was the reason that I bought my first pipe from you folks in first place. Thanks and have a great day.   Robert Depew  MI USA


No need to travel to Turkey just to have the finest Meerschaum designs available. You can't find designs like these at local stores. You can trust that these are the finest products available. Satisfaction is guaranteed. This is not pressed or some composite material, but solid block Meerschaum mined and carved in Turkey. I couldn't be happier with my pieces in my collection. Lee HERBST – Savannah  GEORGIA  USA 


There was a knock at my door today and it was the DHL man with my pipe! WOW! Talk about fast shipping and delivery. I opened the package and pulled the closed case out and thought it was large. I opened the case and wow again, what a gorgeous pipe. Amazing, wonderful, large, no huge! I certainly am going to buy again. You did all you said you would and more. Thanks for helping me aquire a most wonderful pipe. I probably will just display it for a while, it is breath taking! Thanks for the fact sheet that describes all of the important things one needs to know when handling one of your magnificent pieces of art. Thanks again. Mike, Texas, USA.


HI Burak,

Wanted to let you know that the pipes arrived yesterday. I also wanted to express my thanks for the pipe stands and more importantly I wanted to tell you that the pipes are absolutely amazing. The quality is unmatched in any pipe I have ever owned. They are something I will keep forever and will proudly display and tell everyone who asks me about them as to where they are from and who sold them to me.

I hope that I have the opportunity to thank you in person someday in the not too distant future.

Best regards and thanks again, - Bill  - USA



Hi Burak,
It wouldn’t let me leave a review?  So please use as you see fit.
I just wanted to let you know that the pipe I received was a Father’s day gift and the quality is amazing.  I absolutely love it and when using it for the first time on Father’s day, it smoked great!!!  I have received many compliments and Burak answered all my questions with regard to the pipe quality, the stem, etc.  I couldn’t be happier and Burak stands by his products!!  I would highly recommend buying a pipe from Burak and the Meerschaum market.  I am already looking at what pipe to get next as well as a pipe to give as a gift to a friend. 
P.S.  The pipe smoked awesome tonight.  I love how easy it draws when smoking and I never had to relight it. :)  I will be in touch for another pipe.  Robert Lopez , Powder Springs, Georgia - USA

Dear Burak,

Thanks for being such an honest Ebay seller. It truly is appreciated, even if we are
so far separated by distance, it is a real pleasure dealing with you. Thanks again and
have a good coming week. Dave  WV - USA



I recieved my pipes today and had to contact you to tell you how pleased I am with them! The attention to detail is amazing and they smoke like champions!
I will certainly be good advertising for you guys.
Thankyou so very much,
Regards, Stuart Manjimup Western Australia



I just received both the large Meerschaum pipe and its case (plus the nice attached info card.) -- All was in absolute mint condition, was received promptly and undamaged. Needless to say, I am really quite delighted with both the pipe and your refreshingly prompt, excellent professional service!

In a nut shelI, I absolutely love this pipe. It is an outstanding, portable, work of art. Moreover, the pipe is not only extremely beautiful, but most importantly, it smokes like a dream. Therefore, of course, I look forward to doing much more business with you!

For your information, I've been very seriously collecting Meerschaum pipes (among others) now for many years; I am the most fond of pipe designs which incorporate --most importantly-- a nice, LARGE bowl. With that in mind, I also seriously collect long, (8-12+ inch) bent-stem "Churchwarden" pipe shapes, always with large bowls; I still have yet to find a decent Meerschaum Churchwarden pipe of any kind, let alone ones employing a decent-sized bowl. Furthermore, I am very fond of fanciful, detailed geometric patterns; employing carved themes, places or figures from Classical Greek/Roman Mythology, or even utilizing J.R.R. Tolkien's classic British epic books/mythology related to "Lord of the Rings". Therefore, I'd love to buy at least several interesting Meerschaum pipes, all with a large bowls, offered as a bent Churchwardens.

Thank you again, so very much! :-D

Most Sincerely,
-- Michael Hart
Volant, Pennsylvania


Dear Burak,


Just a quick note to tell you that the cigar holders arrived safely today. Many thanks indeed. I am delighted with them. They are very beautiful, as is everything I have ordered to date. Will let you know when the Churchill pipe arrives. Again much thanks as always.

 Best Regards



Dear Mr Burak Servi,
Received the RAM and it is magnificent!!!! I couldn't be happier! Please tell Mr Baglan
that he is a MASTER! It is just a beautiful work of art. I will find another for my brother
who will be just as thrilled. Thank You for your wonderful service and communications.
I look forward to future contact. I wish you health and happiness in the meantime.
Thank You once again,
Nancy DeYoung VA,  USA



The pipe is amazing! It's really a dry and cool smoke. The finishing is also great. The only con is the weight, a little bit heavier than a normal briar pipe. Besides this, is much better then a normal one!

Thank you for all. Daniel CONOVAS  - ITALY  


Trust you are keeping well. The calabash and King Tut pipes arrived to me today safely. Very quick indeed! Many thanks. They are very very beautiful and looking forward to using them. The Holmes and Watson smoke beautifully. I am new to Meerschaum after many years smoking brier pipes. Meerschaum are much much better! A drier smoke with the real taste of the tobacco shining through. You can be assured that I will buy from you again in the next few months. Again many thanks indeed and will be in touch when I need my next pipes.

With Best Wishes    Pearse  ...... USA


Dear Mr.Burak,

Today,I recieved my pipe!

It is completely NO PROBLEM! And I am completely satisfactory.

Thank you very much for your great service...

This pipe is REALLY elegant!!

Just now,I rated you.Please check it.

I thought that I would like to buy the next meerschaum pipe from you again if I have an opportunity.

Again,thank you for your service!

Katsutoshi  Nishida   -  Tokyo   JAPAN



Good afternoon Burak, just wanted to say on behalf of my dad, that he is really pleased with all the items he has recently bought from you. The pipes are magnificent and super craft work. He is getting great pleasure from the pipes and the cigar holders too. Than you again

Lizzy Lynagh - Manchester  United Kingdom


RECEIVED MY CAVALIER  PIPE TODAY GREAT JOB , VERY PLEASED ,  looking forward to the (ONE EYED PIRATE) keep me informed.

 Satisfied pipe smoker

Joe Deilus   Debary FLORIDA  USA



 Thank you so much. I really appreciate the prompt shipping and reply. I don't think I've ever had such wonderful customer service. Thank you so much!

Jessie  - Kenmore NY   USA


Mr. Burak,

Pipe arrived safely. Thanks again for your great Product, service and communication. This was my fourth pipe from you and I will be buying another soon!

Robert Barnes   Jacksonville NC  USA


Thanks for the amazing pipe at a stellar price. I appreciate all the pipes you put on ebay for bid and purchase. I have additional pipes on order and look forward to doing further business with you.

Warm Regards,   Rick Avery   Springs CALIFORNIA USA


Dear Burak:

I received my tortoise meerschaum pipe today and I absolutely love it! Thank you so very much for a beautiful work of art. The chest case is wonderful, too. Out of all the items I've purchased through online over the years, yours has been the most carefully packaged and wrapped item I've ever received! Keep up the outstanding work, and I will be dealing with you again in the future. Your friend in southern California.

Thank you! Frank J. Scorsone   Rosemead CA  USA


 sorry it took so long to respond ijust recieved the pipe its really a very beautiful pipe you have another mariner pipe I like but i have to wait awhile till i can buy it  John Scott  MI  USA


I just had to drop you a note. Recieved the pipe yesterday 12/05. I am very pleased with this pipe. The quality and craftsmanship are fist rate and it smokes GREAT. Mr. Cevher is truly a master carver. I also can not say enough good things about this transaction, very fast and easy. I have and will HIGHLY recomend that people do business with you. I wish you good luck and success in all you do. I'm looking forward to our next transaction.
Regards,       Rick Steele   Newberry SC   USA


Dear Mr. Burak

I received the parcel today. Pipe is very beautiful and also thank you for the very good stand! It is always happy to buy from you.

Happy New Year To You & Family!   Jackie  Beijing - CHINA


Thank you for my beautiful new pipe. It arrived very quickly and in perfect condition. It was a pleasure doing business. I will visit your e-store again to buy another as soon as I can!

Louis DeAguiar    Hudson FL  USA

just received it and my dolphin loving girl friend will love this. thank you so much fast delivery for your great feed back. DIENO CROWN   Astoria NY  USA




Just to say I received my pipe today and was thoroughly impressed. Even the salesman where I went to buy tobacco was impressed (he have not seen a fancy pipe like that before).


I can, however, give a few suggestions to your site. This the first time I smoked (and I enjoyed it by the way). I have tried 4 cigars in the past but other then secondhand smoke have never smoked before. I got a lot of info from youtube concerning smoking pipe thus at least it was not  a strange experience to relight it a few times or problems with the packing. Thus info for a beginner is always highly appreciated.

Also the tools. With my tobacco I bought a folding pipestand, tooll for packing and pipe cleaners. Maybe you can also sell these on your site?


Also I appreciate it that you have send me the tracking number. It was easy to find out if it has arrived and where to fetch it from my local post office.


I am thinking of a churchwarden also so I should probably return to your site in a few months.


Regards,       xxxxxx   xxxxxxx   USA


Received the pipe today.  DHL tried to deliver two days ago, but I was not home.  They redelivered today.  I am very happy with the quality.  Excellent pipe.  Cannot wait to smoke it!!!  Thank you for your time and attention.  I left you good feedback.  I would appreciate it if you would return the courtesy.

I received the Pipe and it is great!!! I left you positive feedback with 5 stars. I would appreciate it if you would return the courtesy. Thank you!!!    Anthony  Stadelman  TX, United States


I am thrilled with this pipe! Question: Is Tekin making more of his Lion 2531 Meerschaums??? Thank you, my friend  Brian Schrauger    TN, USA

I received my pipe saturday morning and i have smoked it six times. The pipe is wonderful, its truly a work of art. Thank you Burak for your help. Fred frederick smith West Yorkshire United Kingdom


Received pipe today ,and am real happy with purchase,fast delivery,wrapped very well,happy with all extra parts(already have longer stem bent ). Thanking you for all your trouble and patience in this transaction,and for meeting all of my extra wants. Its good to know that although I was dealing with a person very far away ,all my expectations were met!
Hope to do business with you in the future!!! Will post comment for you on E-Bay forum!   Thanking you again ,Mr. Stewart   HAROLD HENRY STEWART  OXNARD CA USA


Hi, I've already received the pipe. The delivery is so fast and efficient. The pipe is very big and beautiful to look at. The carving by Sevket is so skillful. No wonder this is a limited edition pipe.


I have left a feedback to you. Can you leave a feedback for me too. Lastly thanks for selling this pipe to me. Now I'm wondering how I can smoke this pipe is the bowl is so big. Ha Ha   Jim Chan -  Singapore


I received the pipe today. Thank you for another smooth transaction, your great product and service!

Robert     NC, United States


Just got it. Beautiful pipe and can't wait to use it. Will be purchasing more in the future. Sean Latterell Madison  USA


Hello Mr Burak,
It was a pleasure doing business with you..I was in Turkey 10 yrs ago and thought it was lovely
and hope to come again. I have several other pipes I am looking at...very nicely you will hear from me again...putting grandaughters thru college so I can't spend as I might like...the ram will be my 65th birthday present to myself.! ; ) Thank you for the smooth transaction.
Best Wishes,  Nancy De Young ,  Fairfax   VA   USA


Hi, I am very satisfied for the pipe and for the service and I think I will buy other pipes in the future. Thank You     Dattero Antonio   Milano Italy


Thank you! You are helping me to fix an old friend. A Calabash pipe my wife bought me in Hong Kong in the early 1970's. It was a great smoker, but the bowl burned out and crumbled in the late 80's. I kept the pipe in the hope that I might someday repair it. You have helped me do that. George Bieda  WA,  USA


Hi Burak,


thanks so much for writing back. I just received this message now. I did receive the beautiful cigar holder with case-- customs had opened the package, but nothing was damaged.


It's gorgeous. Your merchandise is really special. I will order from you again.


Thanks so much.


Murshida VA  Sherman Oaks, CA  USA



You are awesome!  I am smoking my new Claw Foot mini pipe as I type…

It is beautiful and a fine smoke.  I cannot believe how fast it got here.

And thank you so much for the gift… you should not have done that.

Thank You,

David Gilbrech



Hi, I received my pipe today. I love it to death. I was gonna keep it in the clear wrap and make myself suffer till a special occasion coming up before I unwrap it and smoke it. Should the clear wrap be taken off soon? Will it hurt the pipe if it's left on? This will be for a good month before I unwrap it. Thank you again for my beautiful pipe!

Sincerely,   Kirk Shanoian   NJ, USA


I recently purchased a Pocket Calabash from you and received earlier this week. I bought it from your website "Meerschaum Market" and was wondering how to leave you feedback. You all deserve my highest praise for such a quality pipe. From the moment of unboxing to the first smoke this pipe has delivered at every end. It has excellent air flow and smokes so cool allowing you to really enjoy the many subtle flavors that can me masked or distorted with a lesser pipe. I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with doing business with your company. You shipping was incredibly fast and efficient and the end products speaks for itself......pure quality. I look forward to doing business with you in the future and if there is a way I can leave positive feedback for you on ebay (even though I bought from the online store) please let me know!

Thank you again   Travis Woods  Anchorage AK, USA


WOW!! That's what I call service!! I will be ordering a couple more pipes from you in the near future.

Paul Dodsworth  CO, USA


I recieved the pipe today.BEAUTIFULL!Thanks for quick shipment.I'm living on a small fixed income,but hope to buy more as soon as I can. I just got my check but not much left after bills,but still trying to figger out a way. Even if I'm not able to get more I even enjoy admiring them on line.Not the same but even so I still enjoy it.You have been blessed with a great talent.I did leave positive feedback.I don't usually leave feedback unless I'm very impressed with an item or seller. Bad on my part I know. Thanks again Duane  Duane Bourland  MO, USA


I received the pipes, thank you. They all are outstanding!!!!!!! The pictures don't do them justice.




Chris Palestro   Chestnut Ridge, NY USA



I received your package and everything was PERFECT! I left you GREAT feedback. You deserved it. You are the BEST meerschaum seller in the world! Thanks again, Bob  Oakville CT  USA

Greetings! I received Both Pipes tody from DHL....Thank you very much- The pipes were absolute masterpieces! You will see me again and I will tell those I know about you as well! Thanks for all you top notch customer service. I have already posted your feedback reflecting my satisfaction! Continued success!

All the Best,

Jesse Trombley – SWEDEN


This is a reputable company to deal with.  I had a problem with the size of a cigar holder and they happily exchanged it.

I highly recommend them for price/quality/service/and fairness!

Bart Bartleson  - Sun City Texas


I want to tell you that my father got the pipe you made today (us marine corp) and it made him tear up. He has never been so overjoyed over anything. He collects your pipes and shared the story of your pipe making with me and told me all of the details of the pipe I had bought for him. He served 3 tours in Vietnam and teaches military strategies to new soldiers that serve our country (to this day)....He is a wonderful man and I am so grateful that I could get him such a wonderful gift as the one you provided for me. I have never seen him happier and I thank you from my heart.

Best Wishes and Thank you.
robin moses  - OR, United States


 I'm sorry it's taken so long to provide feedback on my purchases. But there was a small mix up in the shipping address and it was shipped to my parents and i didn't want to thank you until i actually received them. i got them in the mail today and they were both as beautiful as i expected them to be. The Chinese wise man was much larger than i expected and the half bent plain was smaller than i expected but even so i'm still very satisfied with my purchases and i cant wait till another one catches my eye
Brad - CAMP PENDLETON, United States

Burak and Mr. Baglan,
May I say I was rendered speechless upon opening the pipe case! The carving a definite labor of love. I am embarrassed of my "best offer" and Mr. Baglan's work is worth every penny charged! My husband has a few other meerschaum pipes, one brought back from a trip to Turkey, and NONE of them can hold a flicker to this beautiful piece of art! He too will be speechless come Christmas morning! Thank you for a great shopping experience and you and Mr. Baglan will be the only choice when we further his meershaum pipe collection!
Best Regards,
Sheryl Greene   Summerville SC   , United States


Thank you very much Burak. I received the pipe today, and everything seems to be in order. It's a beautiful pipe. I've seen several of this type (elephant with the stem as it's trunk), and this one definitely stood out from the rest. The detail and craftsmanship is wonderful, and as you said, the pictures don't do it justice it's truly a work of art. I've already given it a smoke and it does give a nice cool, dry smoke, and the ears - perhaps unintentionally - act as a sort of nice, cool handle. Please give Mr. Baglan my regards, and I hope to do business with you again.
Harrison Brown  Knoxville TN USA


Ijust received my pipe bowl today 1-21-2013. I am VERY pleased with it, it fits like a glove and smokes very well. I am shocked with the 4 day turn around. I just paid for the bowl last thursday 1-17-2013 and I received it today, that was fast. I would also like to thank you again for all the help that you have given me. If I buy any meerschaum pipe or bowl it will be from you.
You have made me very happy. I also have left you great feed back on E-Bay.
Thanks again, Jessie   Phoenix AZ  USA

Hello Burak,
Thanks for the email update. It was a pleasure doing business with you also. I added meerschaummarket to my favorites list at ebay. I am sure we will be doing business again. Please give me a review on ebay too. Also, sell that toilet pipe so you can have a new one made for me.

Thanks Again, Jeff  CA USA



Not a question; I just wanted to express to you my appreciation over our transaction. The pipe was not as advertised - it was even more amazing. You should have given me some frame of reference on size. And it got to me in San Francisco in only 4 days.

This was probably the best transaction I have ever had on eBay. I will recommend you to friends and always be appreciative.

Thanks!   Steven Birer  Mill Valley CA   USA


I have received the pipe today. What a wonderfull pipe! Thank you very much for this very EXCELLENT transaction. Everything was perfect. Have a perfect day. Best regards. MARTALO Fabian –Belgium

I sorry I forgot to get back with you. I'am very pleased with it and hope to obtain more in the future.

Richard Shaffer  AZ , USA


Hi Burak, this morning at 9h 30m, I received the package.Your service is impeccable, perfect., and your care for the client is unbeatable.I have opened a forum thread pipe, most visited, dedicated exclusively to you and your website, so that everyone knows the great products you offer, and your impeccable behavior with your customers. 


Good morning. I received the eagle's claw pipe this afternoon, 3/4/2013. I was able to track the pipe from shipment to delivery, and it arrived very quickly and in top condition. I have not tried it out yet, but plan to this week.

Roger Walton  TX USA


This is easily the best pipe I own. Thank you for providing such a wonderful product.

Rod Ellis  Silver Point TN USA


Dear Meerschummarket
I have received my pipe it looks just as amazing as it did online. As i was with the Chinese old man it was a pleasant surprise how large it is. Once again thank you for your beautiful products i look forward to our next transaction.
Sincerely Bradley   Oceanside  CA   USA


I received my pipe today an would wish you to pass along to the artist an your self how pleased I am with the quality of your service an the beauty of the most amazing pipe I own ,thank you

Scottie Ozment  , Mount Carmel   PA USA



The "Renaissance" of Master Carver Kudret Gezer, is a true work of art, is really beautiful.

I've already started saving money to buy you another gorgeous as this that I just received.

You and the pipes you have, will you be my ruin   J

Burak thank you for everything.

I hope to buy from you again., not much later.  ;-)

Best regards and, have a very nice day !!

Jesus Morera  SPAIN


Thank you, the package arrived fine my father loves the gift and the workmanship that when into this work of art my best regards Roberto.  FL, USA

I received these on the 26th, you were right more beautiful in person!!. I have been breaking in the 50 ring gauge piece. I cannot believe more people do not use these. What a pleasure to use, and makes the experience even more pleasurable.

Shipping was very fast, and I really got more than I paid for!!

Thank you so much
Sincerely, Michael Turner   CO, United States



I received my pipe today! IT IS GORGEOUS!! I am extremely pleased.

Thank you so much. I have a feeling I will be back VERY soon! : )

Blessings and warm regards,

Beth Johns MN, USA

I just got my pipe about 10 mins ago. It's awesome. Please tell the person who carved it how happy I am. Thank you so much. I hope some day to come visit. Thanks again. Have a good day.

12 JUNE '13
Received the pipe today. I merely wanted to let you know that I am completely pleased with it - very proud of it. This has to be the Meerschaum
of Meerschaum pipes. I bought it to smoke, but admiring it now I'm not sure. It may go on display with some other Meerschaum pipes. Don't know yet.
It is one pretty pipe.
Thank you.


I'm telling everybody that if they are looking for a very nice present or a Pipe anyway to chek your site!!! Awsome work you do!!! Could start collection right away!!! ;-) Well 1 thing is for sure, if I would look for a new Pipe, for sure ist will be purchased from your site!

Thank u very much for your patient and help.

Andy   Oberglatt  – SWITZERLAND



I received the pipe before the weekend, and it looks and feels better than what I could have imagined from the pictures. I will be presenting it to my father this week on his birthday and am very excited about seeing the expression on his face. I hope he enjoys smoking it too.

Thanks again for everything,
Brian  - Superior WI   USA


I have received my pipe today, it is beautiful, thank you for this work


Congratulations! and I wish you a good holiday.




Hello there--

Please allow me to start by saying that in owning and smoking this pipe for a few months now, I have come to cherish it very much. Of course, it is a pleasure to smoke from, but it is quite apparent from the elegant and PERFECT consistency of the finish that whoever carved it put a tremendous amount of effort, love, and creativity into crafting it.

That said, I would very much like to enjoy this incredible work of smoking art for many years to come. So, I am wondering--how would you recommend taking care of the mahogany to insure that it does not crack, come apart at the seams where the wood changes, or lose color over time?

Also, I noticed you sell spare meerschaum bowls in your shop. Which size is most appropriate for this particular pipe?

Thank you and please advise,



Hello my friend. I hope this email finds you well. I received my pipe last Friday, August 30th. It is amazing!  I haven't smoked out of it yet. Every time I take it out I just look at it in awe. It is an awesome pipe, a work of art, and worth every second of the wait. I want to say thank you again.  I tell someone almost everyday about you and your business. I also tell them about you honesty and integrity.  I will check back in with you after I smoke the pipe. I need to get a really good tobacco, something I haven't tried yet. Thank you again, Burak. Talk to you soon,
Shannon NY,NY USA


I got the replacement pipe today. Thank you very much for your prompt attention and speedy service. I have never seen such rapid service from anyone. You are a man of your word and obviously a trustworthy businessman. Your reputation will stay with you all of your life and I will always give you a glowing 5 star recommendation concerning the way you do business. The pipe is almost an exact recreation (with a few discrepancies). Again, thank you very much Burak.

Michael Deaton – Knoxville, TX USA

I received the pipe and although I don't smoke I appreciate fine craftsmanship when I see it. This is truly a work of art. I cannot comprehend the genius that went into creating this piece. Thank you for making this available.

Lee Kushman Lancaster PA USA

Thank you sir, I did receive the replacement pipe in good order. I thank you for your integrity. I am thoroughly enjoying the cavalier pipe I purchased from you and it is coloring nicely.
Warmest regards,
Ct. Francesco Montonati   Trinidad CO USA


Burak...the dragon head pipe came yesterday. I let the package warm up overnight and opened it today. Please tell Ismael Baglan "thank you" for his beautiful work. I have now purchased Meerschaums from 3 people on Ebay. The reason that I prefer dealing with you is that you show the exact pipe that I am buying, and you show plenty of pictures from every angle, top, bottom, front, sides, etc. Thank you also for the extra fittings that you mailed in a box, and the ones with the new pipe. I will anxiously wait to see pictures of the new smoky mouth dragon pipe signed by I. Baglan. Best regards, Philip Brady


Thank you for sending me such a great product! I am very happy and blown away with the quality of your product. I am happy with my purchase and I will buy from you again next time.
Thank you,
Andrew Mehas Covington KY USA


Hi Burak, the pipe arrived this morning at 7:00 a.m., Tuesday. It is awesome, trul beautiful. Mr. Baglan does a super job and the bee's wax finish with patina really does make the pipes he carves on of a kind. I will have to pick out another to put on my "buy when I get enough money together" list. Thanks my good friend and fine man Burak. Mike …... Brownwood TX USA



The Shakespeare pipe is beautiful!!! Thank you for your excellent job of packing; it arrived safe and sound this afternoon. I can't wait to show it to some of my friends! Peggy

Peggy L. KelleyVinton IA  USA


Thank you! This pipe is beautiful! I am a poet and my family has a metal sculpture studio, so I well understand craftsmanship. I smoke a pipe occasionally, just to relax. This long stem is in a painting I have from a Swedish artist. I always wondered about long stem pipes. It was nearly impossible to choose a pipe from your selection. I also admire the Goat, Renaissance, Rose, and the simpler Whale pipes. But lions are my favorite animals since childhood. I might purchase another one someday.Cynthia RothMurphysboro IL  USA



Thank you for the beautiful pipe and very quick shipping

Captain Crosby  New York USA


 Good news - my pipe has arrived safely.

What can I say?... It is amazing! Sevket is a true artist - to be able to carve such a pipe is a gift.

Perhaps you will pass on my thanks when you next speak with him.

I will be buying from you again when I saved my cash.

In the meantime, my best wishes and thanks,

Anthony HooperBridgend United Kingdom


Just a short note to let you know that I have received the I. Baglan Pipe earlier this week and as usual I am very pleased with the pipe. The details in the pipe are exceptional and the pipe smokes very well. The shipping, as usual,  was fast. I will definitely do more business with the Meerschaum Market in the future.


Mitchell Fortney - Calgary - CANADA



I received the pipe today and am very pleased. Truly, it is a work of art and quality craftsmanship. This pipe is a gift to my best friend. I know he'll be pleased with it. 


 Don Harrison  TEMPLE  GA USA


Pipes just arrived in perfect condition and they are beautiful.  Am sure that my friend will enjoy his Navy pipe.  Packing was excellent and shipping took less than 3 days.  Very impressive.
Am still debating with myself the purchase of the 6 remaining pipes that have caught my eye.  I could buy some on October 1 and the others on October 8, but I may have to subtract a pipe.  Is it possible to use my credit card directly and not go through PayPal?  I have to find out if they charge fees for using the credit card.
Thank you for the superior service.


I can't tell you how pleased I am with the Topkapi Calabash. It is magnificent and I am astonished at how quickly it arrived. I will definitely be ordering more pipes from you in the future. 

Charles de Wotan Portsmouth, VA - USA

I have been away from home on a business trip. The insert and cigar holders did safely arrive.

They are absolute works of art.

Thank you for your responses and support.

I have left you five star rating  and intend to continue purchasing from you.

Warmest Regards,
Jerry -  NV, USA


Hello Burak,

I received the pipe today. First, let me thank you for the speedy delivery - the shipping was fast. 
Now, the pipe itself - Wow!!!  The photos of the pipe are nice, but they don't do it justice. Seeing the pipe in my hand is, well, awesome!! :):):)
Cheers!!  Mitchell F  - Calgary - CANADA _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Dear Burak,


I received the Baglan Jester pipe today and photos do not do it justice!  The carving is frighteningly real, the pipe is perfectly balanced, and it smokes beautifully!  You have a fabulous inventory and you have earned my business with your outstanding customer service, quick shipping and excellent products.  Thanks for being a pillar of the meerschaum community - it could use more folks like you!  I'll be in touch very soon.


Indiana USA



 Hello Burak;
Thank you for all your help. I have received the pipe this morning and it isGREAT.
I passed the cleaner as you recommended and that works wonderful.Thank you for fast delivery.
Great to do business with you and will do so in future too.
Husein - TX USA.


Dear Burak,

My pipe arrived sagely this morning and i am overjoyed with it. The new stem is perfect. It is exactly what i had in mind.  Thank you so much.

I am travelling to Norway at the week end ( my wife is Norwegian) and i can't wait to take my Turkish viking back to his spiritual home by the Fjords for his first smoke.

Although i have smoked a pipe for about 25 years, this is my first Meerschaum. I feel both excited and slightly intimidated. It is such a beautiful thing, i am terrified of damaging it. Still, now i have it, it has to be smoked!

Once again, thank you so much. I will contact you again when my viking needs a friend.

Marc Florent - London - UK 


I received this pipe today, I love it!
Jason - Shenzen, Gouandong CHINA


Hi Burak,

I just wanted to drop you a note to say the pipe arrived safe and sound. Not only is it a stellar looking pipe, but it is a brilliant smoker as well! I just wanted to say thanks for the great service and the fast shipping. I'm a briar lover at heart, but love the smoke a meerschaum pipe gives. I'm on the lookout for a Viking/Norseman styled meer, and if the right pipe comes up, I'll be giving you my custom first. Thanks again for the great service!

Ryan - Kamloops, BC, Canada





Got the bowl today. PERFECT!! PERFECT SIZE. Just smoked first break in bowl. I love the pipe.


 Your service, product and ultra-fast shipping are outstanding. I will write great feedback for you and will soon buy another pipe deserve the business.


Well done.


JIM - Brook NJ  - USA

 Hello again!

Package arrived last night and I opened it tonight. I am very pleased. Thank you so much! It looks better than pictured and it arrived very quickly just like you said it would. Scott will be pleased to have such a nice pipe in his collection.

Stay well!

Yvonne W. TX, BArtlett USA


I received this set today, and appreciate the extremely fast shipping. I wanted to tell you in a message how impressed I am with the quality of this set...they are truly pieces of art. Thank you again.Jerod Ray, MO USA



I received the pipes yesterday in perfect shape. thank you. mr. sevket's pipe is without a doubt the most enjoyable pipe i've ever smoked. mr. baglan's pipe was almost too beautiful to smoke. but i smoked it too. thank them both for me.

Alan, Washington USA



Thank you Burak. I am very satisfied with the pipe as well as your fine service. I am sure you will hear from me again in the future. 


Best regards, 


Garabet Zakeosian, PA USA
Sir you are excellent! Pipes were expertly wrapped and arrived safely already! Thanks so much!   Sheila Silva, Conyers GA USA 


Recieved the pipe today - absolutely incredible, the carving work is amazing!! Postage was very, very fast! Can I use the pipe for pipe tobacco too?

Kind Regards

Bryn - London, UK


Just received my Vine-Yard Meerschaum pipe, and I want to sincerely thank you for working with me as so I could purchase. This is such a beautiful pipe, the artist/carver has done a marvelous work.
I am so pleased the stem is a twist-in, (and NOT a screw that predominately tighten-up out of line).
Very fine creation my appreciations to the maker and seller.  

Country Doug - Mountain View MO, USA


Got the pipe today love it. You are top seller of quality product.

Cameron Mcculley - TN, USA


Good morning burak, 
I'm pleased to confirm that the pipes arrived yesterday (23/9/15) and they look fantastic. I'm extremely pleased with them. Both are stunning and I look forward to many years of use from them. Due to the quality of them, I'm going to save you as a seller and I hope to be able to buy from you again in had future. 

Thank you again and I will be recommending you and your products on several of the Facebook groups I belong to. Hopefully I may be able to drive some business your way. 
Hope to deal again soon and thanks again,

Gary Mitchell - Carlisle Cumbria, United Kingdom


Thank you so much for this beautiful pipe I'm more satisfied than I expected! This is a true work of art.  

Christopher Moreland - Fort Worth TX


Hi Burak,

The pipes arrived safely today, and look fantastic. My son may not get them after all...just kidding. But I will be shopping with you again.

Dan Smith - San Ford, NC - USA 


 I just want to thank you .I received the pipe today and it is exceptional. better than I had hoped .let me know how the sailing ship goes. and in the meantime ill browse through your other ones for sale.thanks again 

Cinnamon Austin - Bear Creek Township PA - USA 12/18/2015




I received the Caribbean Pirate pipe carved by I. Baglan yesterday and it was a great surprise!  This is my 4th pipe from MeerschaumMarket and it certainly will not be my last.  I was excited to have  paid for it on Monday and I had the pipe delivered on Thursday…thank you for that.  The pipe is excellent, actually bigger than I expected.  The detail in the carving is fantastic!  I have my eye on some other pipes you have listed on eBay and I’ll contact you when I am ready to purchase.


I also need to find a good pipe rack to display these pipes when I’m not using them.  It’s hard to find a stand that shows off the artistry of large meerschaum pipes and I’ll keep looking.


Thanks again for the great quality product and the fast shipping.  I’ll be in touch. 


Thanks and Happy New Year!

Matt & Melanie Walters  HAttiersburg, MS - USA 


got it and have smoked a couple of bowls already. Beautiful pipe, my first meerschaum. Amazing carving job, and more than I have spent on my briar pipes (some of which are quite nice). Left great feedback, thanks so much.
FYI, I have been to Istanbul once, and I think it is one of my favorite cities in the world. I hope to return someday soon. If you have a shop there I may visit.
best regards,
Chris Stueart NY, NY USA




Really nice pipe and the seller is a top-notch gentleman! Will buy from again.

Amazing shipping speed! Quality and beauty are remarkable... WOW AAA+ seller

Thankyou so much. You have been outstanding throughout the entire process. =)

AWESOME SELLER.Shipped same day. Arrived from Turkey to AZ in 3 days. Sent extra

The best service!! Super quality item, love it worth every penny!! THANKS!!!

Quality of item outstanding,Transaction very good, Highly recommend this seller.

Beautiful Product, Fast Shipping, Great seller, a credit to EBay

Amazing Quality, great service, Highlty recommend this seller *****

Brilliant purchase from a truly excellent seller - do not hesitate buying A+++!!

what a beautiful pipe. the shipping was super quick. thank you so much

Fastest shipping from Turkey ever, got my pipe in 3 days! I am very happy, Thank you


Outstanding service, very satisfied, very recommended, A+++++ *****

Wonderful...better than expected and great transaction, fast delivery

Item quality amazing, excellent value. Postage & delivery extremely good. Thanks

R. KARACA is a master carver. The Pipe is a work of Art! Great Transaction! A+

Exceptionally fast and satisfying service! I will shop with you soon again!

Amazing Quality, great service, Highlty recommend this seller *****

Fantastic, Great Price, Great Pipe, Fast Postage. Will buy again. Many Thanks!

The BEST Meerschaum site on the net...PERIOD

Beautiful pipe, wonderful communication, 3 days from Turkey to Texas :)

Exceptionally fast and satisfying service! I will shop with you soon again!

Just beautiful workmanship... A piece of art... Fast delivery Buy here

Brilliant! A fantastic company that delivers exactly what you ask for. AAA+++

i can't say enough...absolutely FANTASTIC in every detail. Thanks guys! AAA+++  

I goofed on my shipping addie, they fixed it for me and it showed up in 3 days!

great to do business with, merchandise is of the highest quality.

like so much this pipes.the dragon face so amazing.and A+++++ seller.thanks......

Unbelievably FAST delivery-Courteous-One of the Best!!!

'm very pleased with the beautiful shapes of meerschaum pipes.

another great item!!! i'm waiting for a new one!!!! thanks seven star for quickl

Excellent Pipe and Customer Service!! Highly Recommened..!!

Super pipe, great price, prompt shipping even from Turkey!  

This is a fantastic pipe - super fast and just as described. Will buy again AAA+


The quality of the meerschaum used and detail of the carving is OUTSTANDING

Great seller, WONDERFUL Pipe, very fast shipping. Will buy more for sure!!!

Excellent product, service and delivery - I recommend this seller as a A++++++++


The seller is honest, polite, communicative and ships extremely quickly.


Thank you for the most beautiful pipe, it was a pleasure doing business with you

Thank you very much for the beautiful pipe, it's magnificent!! ^_^

super seller&quick delivery,gr8communication&very helpful people,fantastic******

COMPLETELY EXCELLENT service!!!! The seller who can trust it.

 the stars don't lie

I recommend this seller, product description was accurate, & fast shipping....I could not be happier! The seller was excellent and fast! Beautiful item!!!!

ex seller quick deliv' gr8 communication, high standard of goods would recommend

pleasure to do business with! friendly, great product and super fast shipping!

cordiale e disponibile,oggetto in ottime condizioni,spedizione velocissima

Like a jewel in a box.Wery nice.Fast Delevery. Thank you. :)                                                                        

The shipping time was so fast. Cant wait to give it to my husband! Great seller!

A gorgeous pipe and a great smoke. I would recommend this seller highly

This seller is exceptional. Very easy to work with with prompt delivery.

very happy with the pipe i purchased and its beautiful delivery was really fast

Pipe arrived to Australia well packed, as described and quickly! Thanks!

I could not be happier! The seller was excellent and fast! Beautiful item!!!!

I would recommend this seller, product description was accurate, & fast shippin

A+++ Great communication. Superfast shipping! Excellent quality meerschaum!

Burak is awesome, beautiful craftsmanship, best prices, super fast delivery.

nice as pictured, good packaging, superfast shipping, highly recommend! A+++++

Freakishly fast shipping! Got here in 2 days. BEAUTIFUL pipe! THANKS!!

Beautiful pipe! Nice quality! Very honest and fast seller! Many thanks!+++++


Beautiful Pipe, shipped quickly-satisfied customer-Thanks

One of the best seller. I'll do the business with you again for sure, thanks.

AAA+++ Seller! Beautiful pipe, great craftsmanship, highly recommended!

wonderfull work and very fast shipping thank you for all. I'll buy another time

Great pipe. Fast Shipping. A++++++ Seller!!!. Will buy from again!

Excellent person, pleasure to do business with, Thank you very much

wonderful item!!!!! very quickly ship!!!! great seller!!

Shipping speed and packaging and product were all TOP NOTCH. FANTASTIC!!!

Awesome pipe! Excellent price, real pleased.

Fantastic item - great  seller  - very fast and communicative - amazing x

serious seller, quick shipping, nice package. Recommanded.

Perfect transaction, fast service,extremly helpfull seller,very happy!!! Stu.

Great seller! This pipe is a work of art!

Incredible!This pipe is beyond expectation! Great Seller!

Expédition très rapide, emballage très soigné, merci ★★★★★ (°(.)°)


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