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Worlds Largest Inventory Of Ready To Ship Meershaum Products

Welcome to Meerschaum Market, the best place to obtain meerschaum pipes made by master carvers. Our Meerschaum pipes, block meerschaum, white pipe, cigar holders, 海泡石斗, MEERSCHAUM PFEIFE, and CAO MEERSCHAUM are shipped in one business day. They are also gotten directly from the manufacturer which helps ensure you get the highest quality product.

I have safely received the wonderful pipe, thank you, and I am enjoying smoking my favourite tobacco in it . Thank you for your excellent service and for the good luck eye !
Very best wishes, Alan Edwards - TX, USA
The pipe is EXCELLENT! Please accept my Many Thanks, and please tell Sevket how pleased I am with his Pipe Art! I am Very Happy, Thank You both! I love the extensions, the new look, the new case, Everything! Only now, I am not so sorry to see all the other pipes I watched, disappear. You did a Great Job for me and I appreciate it very much! Please send me any contact information you have, a card if you have it, so that I may be sure to make contact with you again. I am sure I will want another pipe from you at some point. Also, this pipe will no doubt have an impact on all who see it! Then, they will want one too, and I'll send them to you! Yes, it is a perfect pipe, please pass along my Compliments to Everyone you dealt with, Especially Sevket and Yourself! It is very Beautiful, but I will have to smoke it with Special care, so as not to break anything! I am happy that you liked the pipe enough to have one made for Yourself! When I smoke, I'll think of you and your pipe!
David Muzingo - Hurricane UT, USA
Thank your for an OUTSTANDING PIPE!! OH IT IS BEAUTIFUL!! I had to go out and purchase the Best Tobacco to have my first smoke in it....Just after I am done writing to you, I will go and have my 1st Smoke, in the Best Pipe I've Ever Owned!! Thanks to You and Sevket!!
Michahel Stark - FL, USA
I received all four pipes in perfect condition and very quickly. They are absolutely beautiful. I am looking for two more pipes. I need one NUDE Churchwarden and one Large Animal Kingdom Churchwarden. Can you make any suggestions and send some photos?
Thanks, Vick - Edison NJ, USA
I wanted to let you know that the pipe arrived on time and in excellent condition. My fiance has been enjoying it regularly ever since. He raves that is the best pipe he has ever smoked. Thank you very much for the beautiful item and great customer service.
just recived my new pipe carved by Mr.Baglan. All I can say is WOW!!!. An absolutely beautifully carved,perfect balanced,just what I wanted.pipe. Please give my compliments to Mr.Baglan for perfection.
Thank Yoy.... FRED
Thank You , I show off my large pipe to everyone, I'm very proud of it. I hold it with a white cloth when I smoke it.
I ordered a previous pipe before this one. The quality and craftsmanship is amazing. Thank you for your artistry.
-Benjamin Herndon, Orlando FL, USA
Hello meerschaummarket.I have bought 2 I baglan pipes from you,they are the large Sultan and a Smaller sultan.I would like to say I am very happy with both pipes.They are the only pipes that I am smokin.....THANK YOU...
Fred - OH, USA
Hello, The pipe is arrival! perfectly. too beautiful, very piece of turkish art. Thank you and thanks to Cevher, "maestro" (master) ! I have already started to smoke it, very comfortable and balanced collection will month to month, perhaps all Cevher.
Rodrigo Bernasconi - Caslano/SWITZERLAND
I recieved this pipe today and all I can say is wow. It's amazing. A true work of art I feel very honored to own. Thank you for a great transaction. You are a wonderful seller and I will recommend you to everyone I know. I have left feedback for you here. Thank you again for a wonderful transaction.
-Andy from TEXAS USA