Tiger Hand Carved Block Meerschaum Pipe by Tekin in a fitted case 8284

Tiger Hand Carved Block Meerschaum Pipe by Tekin in a fitted case 8284
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Hand Carved Block Meerschaum Pipe



Thank you my dear friend TEKIN, for making this beautiful piece of art and thank you for honoring me by making your masterpieces available at such reasonable prices.

All pipes are handmade & brand new.

This great Pipe Comes in a Custom Made Fitted Case

Briar type fitting with high grade delrin push-pull, tenon and mortise, with an Acrylic stem, and a 4mm draft hole.


 Full Size 


Length: 15.4 cm. = 6.05" 

Height : 5.8 cm. = 2.28" 

Width : 4.7 cm. = 1.85" 

Bowl Diameter : 19 mm. = 0.75" 

Bowl Depth : 38 mm. =1.5"



He was born in 1974 in Kozlubel village near to Eskisehir(30km). The village's name is Kozlubel but it is called as Margi in the old days. This village is know to have the best meerschaum stone deposits also.

After Primary School at the age of 15 Tekin stated to work with Master Carver Sevket. Sevket and Salim used to be partners in the past and they were making the best pipes as they are doing today (unfortunatley Master Carver Salim is retired and not carving any more) Tekin had been Sevket´s and Salim´s apprendice for 3 years. After the got some experience Sevket and Salim gave him small stones and let him to carve some small pipes as a beginner. His talent plus being with the World´s best meerschaum carvers carried him to a Master Carver position very quick.

In 1999 Salim had moved to Eskisehir Center for kids´ education. He also carried Tekin to the city from the Margi village. But this time Tekin was not an apprentice any more. Master Carver Salim and Master Carver Tekin had establised a partnership starting from 1999 to 2009 they worked for 10 years. Since 2009 Tekin is working only for himself. Tekin is married and still living in Eskisehir. He is the youngest Master Carver.

Tekin ; Welcome to MeerschaumMarket where world´s best carvers meet world´s best buyers.


Meerschaum is a very rare mineral, a kind of hard white clay. Light and porous structure of the pipe keeps the smoke cool and soft. The pipe itself is a natural filter which absorbs the nicotine. Meerschaum is the most flavorful and beautiful pipe you can own.
Because of this peculiarity, meerschaum pipes slowly change their colors to different tones of gold and dark brown. This adds an esthetic enjoyment to its great smoking pleasure. The longer a pipe is smoked the more valuable it becomes due to the color change. Today many old and rare meerschaums have found a permanent place in museums and private collections.

Pipes are made of high quality Eskisehir Meerschaum which is very well known by experts. Unlike briar, meerschaum does not burn. Meerschaum pipes do not need pre-smoking to have a good quality performance. You can get perfect satisfaction with the very first smoking. Unlike a briar pipe, which must be dried after each smoke, the meerschaum can be smoked many times a day because of its absorbing qualities.  Every pipe comes in a completely custom fitted case. All mouthpieces and pipe-cases are handmade individually after the production of the pipes. Each pipe is a hand crafted art of the masters.